Acheta Domesticus, an insect with unbeatable features

Why Acheta?

Acheta Domesticus not only has the best nutritional composition and numbers for industrialisation when compared to the other mainstream insects, but also has solid research showing its many advantages more than just being a sustainable replacement.

The high protein content and properties of crickets makes them an excellent candidate to insect farming. Acheta can be areared on 3D “crawling” structures, taking better advantage of the vertical space and therefore maximicing production and yield.

Acheta Advantages

71,7% Raw Protein

Acheta is the insect with the higher percentage of Raw Protein in the market.

Apt for all vertical markets

Its protein is apt for all vertical markets that today rely on non-sustainable protein sources.

Allows industralization

It has both a superior protein yield as well as a shorter lifecycle for industrialization.

9 Essential Amino Acids

Insects have a superior combination of the essential amino acids we require.

Vertical Markets

Insects have a high feed conversion efficiency because they are cold-blooded. Feed-to-meat conversion rates (how much feed is needed to produce a 1 kg increase in weight) vary widely depending on the class of the animal and the production practices used, but nonetheless insects are extremely efficient. On average, insects can convert 2 kg of feed into 1 kg of insect mass, whereas cattle require 8 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of body weight gain.






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