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Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 requires

3 main gaps to be closed

The Land Usage Gap

A 593-million-hectare land gap (an area nearly twice the size of India) between global agricultural land area in 2010 and expected agricultural expansion by 2050.

The Food Security Gap

A 56 percent food gap between crop calories produced in 2010 and those needed in 2050 under “business as usual” growth.

The Climate Action Gap

An 11-gigaton GHG mitigation gap between expected agricultural emissions in 2050 and the target level needed to hold global warming below 2oC (3.6°F).

Our Experts

«With the Entoma Foods Approach to Insect Protein, its potential is now really available Everywhere.”

Rafael Guallar

Chief Technology Officer

«Insect protein will become the new commodity to be used in the food and feed industry of tomorrow.”

José maría ferrándiz

Chief Business Officer

«Insects have the potential to supply industries with a reliable high quality alternative to fishmeal.”

Ian Banerjee

Chief Executive Officer

«We firmly believe in the market share that insect protein is about to take. Now it’s the right time.”

Pedro Mata

Chief Financial Officer

Our Mission

Entomafoods was founded in 2016 and since has become one of the leading companies in the Spanish insect industry.  With a multidisciplinary team Entomafoods is looking to change the food and feed industry around the world.

Our purpose is to ensure an easy, efficient, cheap and safe way of raising and producing insects to provide a superior alternative to current feeds. We aim to work on several food and feed vertical markets such as: Aquaculture, Livestock (Chickens and Pigs), Petfood, Human food, and Pharma.

We are working in producing a large and steady number of Tons of product at a price able to compete with other traditional protein sources.

Our Technology

ENTOMA FOODS together with R&D development experts at TECNALIA is bringing to market the technology, products and business model to unlock the challenge of a sustainable and economically viable protein alternative.

Compared to solely centralised (large factories with open tray farming), the Entoma’s industrial vision will deliver optimisation in all key variables critical for insect protein production.